By creating sustainable water solutions.



We're starting with these two areas


Water usage


We live in an unsustainable world, where large amounts of drinkable water are used in our daily tasks.

For example, one single laundry consumes 60 litres of fresh water. As the world population is growing, so is our water consumption, resulting in increasingly lower groundwater levels.

More than a fatality, we see this as an opportunity to develop innovative solutions to allow everyone to use water in a smarter way and come one step closer toward sustainability.


Plastic pollution


Another side of sustainability is what happens with our wastes.

The pollution of our oceans by plastic has become a reality, and we start to understand the actual consequences on our environment.

Plastics break down into tiny, harmful pieces called microplastics that are nowadays found in our food and water.

At Mimbly, we work on solutions and develop ideas to stop these plastics before they can reach the oceans.


Have a look at our Mimfographics to learn more!


What we do.

We design and develop innovative solutions aimed to change unsustainable behaviours, with the focus on water.

Our impact entirely depends on people and businesses to adopt and use our solutions. Therefore, we have made our products intuitive, easy and pleasant to use, the way sustainability should feel. We also incentivise our users with economic benefits when possible.


There is not only one way towards sustainability, and a multitude of innovations are needed.

Our team is always on the lookout for new projects that can make a difference and lower the environmental footprint we leave behind.


Why we do it.

We believe that a sustainable future can be built on a multitude of small contributions, each of them being equally important.

Sustainable solutions will become a part of our everyday lives, it is up to us to make them even better than the products of today.


- Sustainability

- User centered design

- Economic incentives