The Mimbox

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It started with this question.

And after countless hours of prototyping and iterations, we found that the answer is “No”. Without compromizing the quality of the wash, our solution allows you to drastically lower your water consumption while using less energy and stopping microplastics! Quite nice!

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This is our solution:

The Mimbox is connected to one or several washing machines, acting as an intermediate for all water that is going in and out. The Mimbox makes your laundry room smart, analyses the water, filters it and stores it safely.

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Pilots rolling out during Fall 2019

We are very happy to announce that we are installing with pilot customers in Sweden starting in October 2019.

Do you want to be among the first ones to install the Mimbox?

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What about the microplastics?

The microplastics together with other fibers are collected in a container that can easily be removed and emptied when needed.

The best thing we can do today is to dipose them correctly for incineration. But we are working to have them repurposed and completely out of the waste chain in the near future!

Learn more about microplastics in our Mimfographic


Other projects

There are many other ways than the Mimbox to make our homes and businesses more sustainable. That is why Mimbly is constantly working on other projects, whether it is about water consumption or microplastics pollution.

More news to come!