The Mimbox

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The Mimbox is our first project. It started with a simple question: 

"Do we really need potable drinking water in our laundry machines?"


Our answer is the Mimbox, a device that is connected to one or several laundry machines and that recycles the water that would normally go to the sewer.

The Mimbox not only lowers the amount of water needed for laundry, it also saves energy and stops the spread of microplastics by filtering them before they reach our oceans.

With collection of data from our system we can give indications on how much the water consumption is lowered along with many other interesting measuring points.


By cutting


cycle of

water at


source of use,

the mimbox avoids



of emissions.


Do you want to be one of the first ones to install the Mimbox?


How it works.


An image of the Mimbox used in an environment with multiple machines with an example of how the data collected can be displayed.

Where we are today.

We have developed several generations of prototypes, each improving the performances of the previous ones, while decreasing in size. We have proved that our recycling process is working and that clothes can be washed with recycled water. We are now working on improving several elements of the Mimbox to optimize the overall operation.



We have conducted a number of pilots at hotels and tenant associations around Gothenburg. Let us know if you would like to try our system out and become one of our pilot customers.

Other projects.

There are many other ways than the Mimbox to make our homes and businesses more sustainable. That is why Mimbly is constantly working on other projects, whether it is about water consumption or microplastics pollution. More news to come!